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Hello! We’re so glad you’re here.

As a mom, your time and attention is precious so we will get right to it.

I still remember the exact moment I found out we were expecting a baby. It was simultaneously the most amazing and most overwhelming feeling. What do I do next? The journey had only begun…

My Journey

When I had my first baby, I was scared. I had a traumatic delivery experience and I had postpartum anxiety. I wasn’t really all that comfortable holding a baby and I was too nervous to even give my baby a bath (I asked my sister to do it).

Worst of all, I was easily influenced by everything other moms said, all the conflicting information that can be found online, and all the fear-based marketing.

4 years and 2 kids later, the main thing I have learned is that mothers are STRONG. I grew as a person in ways that I didn’t even know were possible.

Today, I am learning to be a calmer, more confident, and happier mom. And you can too!

Creative Entrepreneur x Talented Artists

We are a mom & daughter trio made up of 1 creative entrepreneur and 2 artists!

Fresh Flowers + Spilled Milk was originally created as a blog about the journey of becoming a mom. The name is inspired by the first few weeks with a newborn. It represents the balance/irony between beauty (fresh flowers) and messiness (spilled milk).

It has evolved to be a full-blown motherhood lifestyle blog. As we all know, mothers are not “just” mothers - they are people with their own relationships, hobbies, strengths, and interests. Basically, no topic is off limits because mothers are superheroes who do all the things!

My mom and my sister are talented graphic designers. They hosted a stunning floral baby shower for me and created all the designs themselves. When it came time to design my nursery, I knew I wanted the décor to be meaningful instead of a random store-bought print. Using a mix of watercolor and online graphics, they created the most beautiful and unique décor for his nursery! Lastly, they’ve created the designs for all our toddler birthday parties.

We decided to partner together to share these designs with you. This is not just any online printables shop…these are high end, unique, and meaningful designs for decorating a baby nursery, hosting a baby shower, or throwing a kids birthday party.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

  1. New blog posts (recommendations, lists, how-to’s, inspiration, design ideas, and more)
    • Well-researched with legitimate sources
    • Crowdsourced responses from moms we respect
    • If we mention a product, it is something that we actually believe in
  2. New Printable Designs
    • Every design has a story or meaning behind it
    • Uniquely created by our artists
  3. Monthly Newsletters


Michelle McCarthy – B.S., M.B.A, Wife, Mom of 2, Professional Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur, Nonprofit Board Member, and Founder of Fresh Flowers + Spilled Milk

Here’s a little more about me personally:

  • I’ve been a professional digital marketer for 13+ years
  • I’m fascinated with personal finances, investing, and real estate
  • I love home design and hosting social gatherings
  • I am the oldest child of 3 siblings
  • I had 2 kids under 2
  • My mom went to therapy because I was a “strong-willed” child (sorry Mom, but big shout-out to my parents for honing this quality into leadership skills! 😊)
  • I am “sorta crunchy,” but not extreme. I believe in balance & everything in moderation.
  • I’ve been married for 5 years. My husband is a firefighter and fishing charter captain
  • I’m bad at: cleaning the house, cooking, relaxing, and keeping plants alive
  • I struggled with postpartum anxiety after both children (not fun!)

Meet our Artists

Chris & Catherine


"Each of our themes & designs have a story. This is a chance to honor your little one in a special way. We think about ourselves, our family, and our friends as inspiration.”