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Give your house a glow up with a new winter wreath! I love that time of year when the seasons shift and it’s time to put up a new wreath. It symbolizes the closing of a chapter and the start of a new season - literally.

As fall and winter approach, I’m inspired by all the beautiful seasonal decor and rustic winter vibes. On our search to find the most magical winter wreaths for your front door, we’ve curated a collection of favorites to share with you.

Tips for Choosing a Wreath

First impressions are everything. When someone walks up to your house, one of the first things they will see is the front door. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect wreath.

Keep it Simple

As with most things, our design advice is "less is more." Keep it simple with beautiful greenery and a few impressive focal points on your wreath.

Go for Natural Elements

Ideally, I would have a wreath made of real flowers and greenery. However, that would be nearly impossible to keep alive during the cold winter months, with no soil/water, and very limited sun under a covered front porch. The next best option is to choose very natural looking elements such as evergreen plants, dried flowers, pinecones, holly berries, etc.

Avoid Fake Snow & Big Fake Flowers

To the point about natural elements, this means you want to avoid wreaths with elements that are obviously super fake. (Snow in the middle of South Carolina? Big flowers in the middle of winter?)

Make It Your Own

I love to make adjustments to wreaths and make them my own! You can remove certain elements that you don’t like or add some eucalyptus or a burlap bow to make it more your style. That means no one else will have a wreath exactly like yours!

The BEST Winter Wreaths for Front Door

There are so many beautiful wreaths out there, but the ones we’ll share with you here represent many different styles, have excellent reviews, and were made by quality vendors.

Winter Berries

Winter is known as a time of darkness, cold, and hibernation, however these winter berries represent resilience and hope and give winter decor a nice pop of red color. 

Winter Berries Wreath

Buy it here: Faux Wreath | Birch Lane

Classic Magnolia

One of the most classic and beautiful leaves come from the Magnolia tree. Their size and green and brown color make a full wreath that can work for any season. It is said that Magnolias are a symbol of dignity and perseverance.

Magnolia wreath

Buy it here: Large Faux Magnolia Wreath | Crate & Barrel

Burgundy Cedar

Cedar leaves are a symbol of support and connection. The holidays are all about feeling grateful for those people who are special in your life and taking time out of your busy daily lives to just be with each other. This wreath would make a welcoming statement on your front door for Christmas.

Burgundy Cedar Wreath

Buy it here: Burgundy Cedar and Pine Wreath | Williams Sonoma

Dried Floral

According to William Sonoma, this wreath “features a whirl of warm tones to play pretty counterpoint to the colder weather and dwindling daylight of winter.” The best part is it's made of real dried flowers instead of artificial elements that are trying to look real. This wreath contains globe thistle, wormwood, oat awns, German statice, oregano and wood fern fronds.

Dried Floral Wreath

Buy it here: Midnight Color Wheel Wreath | Williams Sonoma

Simple Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is one of the most popular greeneries. Depending on what variety you use, it has a beautiful soft green or grey hue with wide leaves. It can truly be used year round and bonus... it smells good! Eucalyptus means good, beautiful, and well-concealed.

Eucalyptus Wreath

Buy it here: Eucalyptus Door Wreath | Williams Sonoma

Pine + Berry

This wreath is an Amazon find. It has a classic winter Christmas or holiday vibe with the pine needles, cones, and winter berries. I love how the pine is very wispy and natural looking with different shades of green.

Pine and Berry Wreath

Buy it here: Mixed Pine Berry Winter Wreath | Amazon

Eucalyptus Berry

This combines the best of both worlds with Eucalyptus leaves and winter berries.

Eucalyptus Berry Wreath

Buy it here: Eucalyptus Red Berry Wreath | Magnolia

Natural Evergreen

Another Amazon find. Did you know that evergreen symbolizes eternal life and immortality? It is truly amazing that some plants have the ability to withstand all weather conditions and continue to thrive. We love that this wreath only has greenery on the bottom because it gives it a very unique and rustic look.

Evergreen wreath

Buy it here: Natural Evergreen Wreath | Amazon

Boho Thistle

Dried reed and thistle are a beautiful material to use on a winter wreath. This one from Birch Lane has hues ranging from light yellow to dark brown with a hint of dark purple. Thistle can represent strength and overcoming adversity.

Boho thistle wreath

Buy it here: Dried Reed Greenery Wreath | Birch Lane

Lovely Lavender

Lavender is most widely known for its therapeutic properties and as a plant that helps you relax. Since winter is all about rest, a lavender wreath could be a good choice for you. This is one of those wreaths that can be used year round in any season!

Lavender wreath

Buy it here: Lavender Wreath | Magnolia

Final Thoughts

Winter decorations create a cozy environment where you and your family can host friends, celebrate holidays, reflect on the past year, and rest up for spring. We hope these winter wreaths for your front door inspire you to get started. I personally wish I had 10 front doors to hang them all on!


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