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Impress your guests with this delicious seasonal coffee drink, a homemade White Chocolate Pumpkin Latte. I will admit recipes are typically not my strong suit. However, I’ve recently become very interested in making my own coffee drinks at home instead of having to spend a million dollars at Starbucks. This came about from a few things: 1 - having babies and needing coffee like I need oxygen 2 - working from home during the pandemic and 3 - being introduced to the life-changing Nespresso machine and milk frother at a friend’s house.

White Chocolate Pumpkin Latte

One of my favorite drinks for the fall and winter season is a White Chocolate Pumpkin Latte. It can be overwhelming at first learning how to make all the different coffee drinks, but this one is SO easy and impressive. I like to have a message board near my little coffee bar that says “house special”. It’s so much easier for me and my friends who have babies and toddlers if we just bring the coffee shop to us, instead of trying to go out!

What You’ll Need


  1. Nespresso Machine + Milk Frother (I have the Vertuoplus)
  2. Coffee Mug 

Nespresso Machine


  1. Espresso Pod (I use the Double Chiaro Espresso Vertuoplus pods - you can get from Amazon or Nespresso directly)
  2. Whole Milk 
  3. White Chocolate Syrup
  4. Pumpkin Pie Syrup or Pumpkin Spice Syrup 
  5. Cinnamon (optional)


How to Make a White Chocolate Pumpkin Latte

  1. Froth 1 cup of whole milk mixed with 2 tbsp. of Pumpkin syrup.

  2. Pour frothed milk into your mug.

  3. Brew 1 double espresso pod directly into the mug over the milk.

  4. Stir.

  5. Drizzle white chocolate syrup on top.

  6. Sprinkle with cinnamon to garnish. (optional)

White Chocolate Pumpkin Latte in Glass Mug

Tips & Suggestions

  • You can use less syrup if you want less sugar.
  • You can use oat milk, soy milk or nonfat as a substitute for the whole milk.
  • You can make your own Pumpkin spice syrup if you prefer
  • This is for a hot coffee recipe. If you want to make it iced that is a different recipe.
  • We like to use clear glass mugs so you can see the color, how well it’s mixed, how much foam there is, etc.
  • You can make without the white chocolate topping (in which case it just becomes a pumpkin latte - also delicious!)

Don't forget to get your Nespresso machine! I personally really like Nespresso's mission of supporting coffee farms around the world and giving back, and there are hundreds of other amazing drinks you can make with it as well. We'll share more of our favorite recipes soon.

Hope you enjoy! xo


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