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If you have an upcoming party, baby shower, or gathering of any kind, we have a food idea for you…build your own trail mix bar! It is fun, easy, and appeals to all ages. It literally costs less than $20 and takes less than 5 minutes to take this popular snack and turn it into a creative idea that’ll leave your guests impressed. As a busy mom, ideas like that are right up my alley.

What is a Trail Mix Bar?

Not to be confused with a "trail mix bar" that is an actual bar of food, this is a Trail Mix Bar in the sense that you are providing different snack ingredients on a bar, counter, or table and your guests can mix them together to their liking. 


Trail mix bar

Here’s what you’ll need:


Serving scoop
Cups (for your guests to scoop their trail mix into)

Trail Mix Bar Ingredients:

Chocolate (M&Ms or Chocolate Chips)

Dried Cranberries

…pretty much anything (small) that your heart desires! The goal is to provide variety and let people create their own personal flavors. Be sure to provide options for small toddlers that are easy to chew (since nuts and popcorn can be a choking hazard).

Setting Up the Trail Mix Bar

1. Buy Trail Mix Sign and Put in a Frame

Printables are an easy way to decorate and tie everything back to your theme. This Trail Mix Bar sign will also help your guests understand what they are supposed to do with all the random ingredients! 

Trail Mix Bar Sign

2. Cut paper bags down

    I cut mine a little less than halfway. It’s easier to cut when they are folded in a flat position. Just make sure you don’t cut the bottom.

    Cutting Brown Paper Bag

    3. Roll top of paper bags down

      This doesn’t have to be perfect. Try not to rip the bag as you are folding it down.

      4. Pour trail mix ingredients in each paper bag

      Peanuts in brown paper bag

      5. Arrange paper bags around Trail Mix Bar Sign

      6. Add a serving scoop

      7. Decorate with greenery

      I paired my sign with a wooden round, greenery, and pinecones to give it a rustic, fall feel. I propped my sign up on the wooden round so that it wouldn't be hiddent behind the paper bags.

        Trail Mix Bar

        …You did it! Now you can pat yourself on the back and go enjoy your party.

        What is Trail Mix?

        Trail Mix is a mixture of snack foods originally created for hikers that is portable, convenient, and gives them energy. We love how it has evolved to include a variety of different snack foods over time that give it a great salty/sweet flavor. And BONUS: it’s usually fairly healthy! 

         Trail Mix Bar

        Final Thoughts

        Trail Mix is a fun food to serve at an outdoor, camping, hiking, or adventure themed birthday party or baby shower. Consider adding a Trail Mix bar to your next party!


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