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It’s spring! The weather is warming, flowers are blooming, and…school is about to be out for the summer. *Cue panic mode* for every parent of toddlers, preschoolers, or young children. Many parents plan alternate childcare, camps, and vacations, but summer is LONG. There will no doubt be some time hanging out at home. With a little planning, you can make this summer the most fun, educational and stress-free summer your family has ever had. Check out these 55 days summer activities for toddlers!

What are the best summer activities for toddlers?

When creating our ultimate list of summer activities for toddlers, we narrowed it down to 11 themes that will appeal to toddlers of all ages. We scoured the web for summer activities that are low maintenance (don't need much prep/supplies), good for toddlers of all ages, can be done at home, and will keep them occupied for more than 3 seconds. My mom friends and I have either done these activities or are planning to do them this summer with our toddlers! Rest assured, this list is mom-approved.

Each week you can focus on 1 theme and follow the same weekly schedule to keep it easy for you and maximize their ability to focus on one topic at a time.

Themes: Space, Dinosaurs, Father’s Day, 4th of July, Bugs, Fruit, Gardening, Boats, Science, Weather, Family, Exercise & Body

Weekly Schedule:

Make it Monday

Time to Read Tuesday

Water Play Wednesday

Sensory Bin Thursday

Food Friday

Note: These summer activities are geared towards toddlers, preschoolers, and young children ages 1.5 years old and up. They are easy to modify based on your child’s age and development. Beware of choking hazards if your child is prone to putting things in their mouth! All activities are intended to be monitored by an adult.

Themes & Activities

Week 1 Theme: Space

Make it Monday: Puffy Paint Rocket Craft

Time to Read Tuesday: Space Books for Little Learners

Water Play Wednesday: 3 Ingredient Galaxy Calm Down Bottle

Sensory Bin Thursday:  Space Sensory Bin

Food Friday: Space Party Food

Week 2 Theme: Dinosaur

Toddler holding dinosaur

Make it Monday: Paper Plate Dinosaur Craft

Time to Read Tuesday: The Best Dinosaur Books for Toddlers

Water Play Wednesday: Dinosaur Bath Water Sensory Activity

Sensory Bin Thursday: Dinosaur Sensory Bin

Food Friday: Dinosaur Themed Foods for Kids

Week 3 Theme: Father’s Day

Make it Monday: “Thank you, Dad” Father’s Day Story 

Time to Read Tuesday: Best Books for Toddlers about Dad!

Water Play Wednesday: Water Balloon Fight (with Dad)

Sensory Bin Thursday: Simple Shaving Cream Sensory Bin

Food Friday: Make Dad’s favorite food!

Week 4 Theme: Bugs

Make it Monday: Paper Loop Bugs Craft

Time to Read Tuesday: The Best Insect Books For Preschoolers

Water Play Wednesday: Bugs Preschool Sensory Bin

Sensory Bin Thursday: Sensory Play With Water Bead Bug Sensory Bin

Food Friday: The Cutest Bug Theme Healthy Snacks for Kids

Week 4 Theme: Fruit 

toddler eating fruit

Make it Monday: Watermelon Craft

Time to Read Tuesday: Apple Books for Little Learns

Water Play Wednesday: Orange Sensory Water Play

Sensory Bin Thursday: Fruit and Vegetable Hunt Farm Sensory Bin

Food Friday: Ice Cream Cone Fruit Cup

Week 5 Theme: 4th of July

Make it Monday: Easy 4th of July Firework Craft

Time to Read Tuesday: Patriotic Board Books

Water Play Wednesday: 4th of July Fun with Water Beads

Sensory Bin Thursday: 4th of July Sensory Bin 

Food Friday: Red White and Blueberry Yogurt Popsicles

Week 6 Theme: Boats

Make it Monday: Pool Noodle Boats

Time to Read Tuesday: Row Your Boat Books and Videos

Water Play Wednesday: Ice Boat Racing for Toddlers

Sensory Bin Thursday: Messy Boats

Food Friday: Banana Boat: The Perfect After School Snack

Week 7 Theme: Science

toddler science experiment

Make it Monday: Easy Rainbow Bubble Foam Recipe

Time to Read Tuesday: Science Books for Kindergarten

Water Play Wednesday: Rainbow Walking Water Science Experiment for Kids

Sensory Bin Thursday: Try a Sink or Float Water Sensory Bin This Summer 

Food Friday: Pretzel and Marshmallow Structures

Week 8 Theme: Gardening

Make it Monday: Easy Egg Carton Seed Starters

Time to Read Tuesday: Educational and Fun Gardening Books for Kids

Water Play Wednesday: Water your garden, plants & yard!

Sensory Bin Thursday: Garden Sensory Bin

Food Friday: Easy Chocolate Dirt Pie Cups (With Variations!)

Week 9 Theme: Weather

Make it Monday: Clouds and Rain Weather Windsock Craft

Time to Read Tuesday: More Than 20 Wonderful Weather Books for Toddlers

Water Play Wednesday: Shaving Cream Rain Clouds

Sensory Bin Thursday: Seasons and Weather Sensory Bottles

Food Friday: Weather Themed Snack Ideas

Week 10: Exercise & Body Parts

toddler flexing arm muscles

Make it Monday: Body Tracing Self Portraits for Kids

Time to Read Tuesday: 12 Movement Books for Little Readers

Water Play Wednesday: Run around in the sprinklers

Sensory Bin Thursday: Mr. Potato Head Pretend Play Sensory Bin

Food Friday: Teach kids about nutrition with this food guide

Week 11: Family

Make it Monday: Paper House My Family Craft

Time to Read Tuesday: 25 Best Picture Books About Families of All Shapes & Sizes

Water Play Wednesday: Go to the pool as a family! Or set up a kiddie pool in your backyard.

Sensory Bin Thursday: "My Family" Sensory Bin

Food Friday: Summer at Home: Family Pizza Night!

Have Fun!

Hope you enjoyed our list of FUN summer activities for toddlers. Our intent is not to plan every minute out, but it does help to have some direction and tie everything together with themes. Overall, be flexible, creative and have fun!

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