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Our “Mom of Littles Gift Guide” is here! 

Who are Moms of Littles?

Pregnant moms get gifts. Brand new moms get gifts. But what about the moms of littles? The initial excitement and celebration may have worn, but these moms are in the trenches. They are the moms who have a toddler and a baby, or multiple toddlers, or school aged children who still may wake up at night and depend on them for many things – both emotionally and physically. They deserve gifts that match their busy, active, exhausting lifestyle. Our first ever edition of the “Mom of Littles Gift Guide” is here…links included!

(The ideas in this gift guide have been carefully curated by several moms of littles.)

Best Gifts for Mom of Littles

Luxe Robe

Since a visit to the spa may be pretty infrequent these days, investing in a good robe will always be appreciated by moms of littles. When they have to get out of bed in the middle of the night, they can toss on their comfy robe. On those early mornings when the kids are ready to get up, they can toss on their robe. When they have a rare moment to take an uninterrupted shower, they can toss on their robe afterwards and pretend they are at the spa.

Bonus: My robe also became a source of comfort for my littles! They loved cuddling up to my robe, and my toddler even turned my old robe into his “mommy blanket” because it smells like mommy. After much research, one of the best Luxe Robes we could find is this one by Parachute. It is made from high quality materials (Turkish cotton), has nice color options, fits well, and has great reviews.

Vitamin C Serum

Whether it’s from feeling depleted of nutrients, not drinking enough water, lack of sleep, stress, or a combination of everything above, I felt like I aged 10 years after having a baby. As a busy mom, it may not be realistic to have regular facials or a fancy/long skin regimen every morning and night, but there is 1 thing I never skip out on: vitamin C serum. After much research, I discovered this Vitamin C serum from La Roche-Posay. It smells amazing, feels very smooth, hydrates skin and gives it a glow!

orange bottle with white dropper of vitamin c serum


Mama sweatshirt

Ford & Wyatt has clothes for both mom and littles! We love this Mama sweatshirt for winter, paired with leggings/joggers. The materials they use are very soft and comfortable, and their style is modern, casual, and understated (not cheesy). The brand represents “Every day doing the best we can to overcome challenges and not give up.” Love that!

Tote Bag

Moms need large, good quality bags to hold all the things. There’s no reason you have to sacrifice style while carrying around coloring books, stickers, balls, and 17 different snack options. Check out this beautiful brown leather Madewall bag for fall & winter!

Black Jogger pants

Joggers are the new leggings. Ok fine…leggings are great too, but joggers are so comfortable and less restrictive. We are loving these black joggers from Cuddleduds because they are super soft and fit well, but of course you can get black joggers almost anywhere.

Hand Balm

Moms of littles are rough on their hands. Between washing bottles, dishes, bathing themselves and the kids, washing their hands after diaper changes, etc. their hands can get SO rough, dry, and cracked. It has been a major struggle that I was not prepared for as a mom. A good hand balm can make a huge difference and is an easy way for moms of littles to take care of themselves. Terres D’Afrique Hand Balm was voted one of the top 20 hand creams by Women’s Health magazine. It’s with native African ingredients (jojoba oil, baobab oil, and antioxidant-rich rooibos). Plus, Terres D'Afrique is committed to working with local harvesters in South Africa to help them build better livelihoods.

jar of hand balm

Water bottle

As a mom, we are constantly trying to make sure our kids are happy, healthy, fed, hydrated, clean, comfortable, educated…all the things. It can sometimes be hard to do these things for ourselves. I know many moms who have a really hard time remembering to drink enough water throughout the day – myself included! A good water bottle can help with this. This water bottle by Hive has a sleek design and is made from good materials.

Moccasin slippers

They’re cute, comfortable, and functional for chasing littles around the house – need we say more? The quality and style of Ugg slippers can't be beat.

Name Rings

Be still our hearts with these simple, beautiful name rings. I found a creator on Etsy that makes stackable name rings in different sizes and styles. Put the name of the children on each ring, mix with some other rings, and you have a meaningful gift for moms of littles that they will treasure for years to come.

Casual Sneakers

These neutral sneakers by J. Crew go perfectly with joggers, leggings, jeans, etc. They are the ultimate “mom leisure” shoe. Super cute, very comfortable, and a staple for the active mom lifestyle.

Nespresso Machine & Frother (Bonus: Glass coffee mugs)

Last but certainly not least, I am not exaggerating when I say this coffee set-up is lifechanging. Coffee is the new cocktails! Every mom who has come over to my house for coffee leaves with the make and model of my coffee machine and frother. It feels so decadent to drink out of a glass mug and sip on that sweet foam on top of your coffee. Bring the café to your home and save lots of money making your own coffee. Nespresso also supports coffee farms and the coffee ecosystem across the world so you are truly helping to make the world a better place when you drink your coffee every day! At least that’s what I tell myself 😊 The one we have is a Vertuo Plus with the Aerocinno frother. It makes both regular coffee as well as espressos/lattes.

Black Nespresso coffee machine with glass mug and frother

We hope this gift guide helps you spoil the mom of littles in your life! xoxo


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I’m a mom of teenagers! And that robe has MY name on it! All of these are great for moms of Bigs, too. :)

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These are great ideas! I’m also a new mom and can definitely see these coming in handy now and in the future.

Nicole Busacker

Love this list so much! I’m a new mama so I’m not quite in the trenches but I would definitely value these gifts and consider gifting to my other mama friends. Thank you for compiling these great products all in one place!

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These are all things I would LOVE and my baby is still new lol. This was an awesome read and great advice !

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What a great idea. The mama sweatshirt is my favorite. I think I have 3 different versions of mama sweatshirts but am always wearing one of them!


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