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One important lesson I’ve learned as a mom is you can buy 15 cheap toys that will break in a week or you can buy 1 high quality toy that will last multiple years and multiple children. Spoiler alert - this is that toy!

As a mom of 2 toddler boys, one of my baby registry must-haves was the Lovevery Play Gym. It helped my first son increase his neck strength to correct his torticollis. It helped my second son learn how to roll super early so he could keep up with his brother. And it helped both of them learn hand eye coordination, motor skills, and some of their first words. 

What is a baby play gym?

Have you ever wondered how to play with a baby? Before they can roll, crawl, walk, talk or even lift their head up. Here is your answer…a baby play gym!

According to First Cry Parenting, a baby play gym is a soft mat with two arches on either side, from which you can dangle toys overhead. They have several developmental benefits. 

Baby looking in a mirror


Lovevery Play Gym Review

First of all, I want to confirm that all the features on the Lovevery Play Gym product page are true! I especially love that they call it “playtime with a purpose” because it does actually feel like that.

Lovevery Play Gym features

In addition, these are a few things we personally loved about our play gym:

1. Easy to clean

Between spit up, diaper blow-outs, and food, we had to wash ours quite often. You simply detach the mat from the posts, toss in the washing machine, and let it air dry.

2. Easy to set up

Some toys are easy to clean but hard to put back together. After it air dries, just reattach the mat using the velcro strips back to the play gym posts. That's it!

3. Nice aesthetics

Let’s be honest, some of the super bright toys for babies are overstimulating for them and an eye sore for us.

4. Different activities for different ages

It says this in the review, but it’s worth mentioning again. I absolutely love how it is tailored to different ages and even provides a guide for what activities are developmentally appropriate. It was fun to watch them progress.

5. Encourages tummy time

Some little ones hate tummy time. Who can blame them? They JUST came out of the womb and now someone is making them work out. This mat made tummy time fun and relaxing. Not to mention, it was a special bonding activity for me and my babies to do together.

6. Teaches babies so much

My children truly learned how to hold their heads up, roll, reach for things, know their body parts and say their first words with the help of the Lovevery play mat. This wasn’t just a toy that they played with a couple times and moved on to something else. This was a special part of their childhood.

2 toddlers laughing under a play gym


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Final Thoughts

It’s safe to say we are a fan of the Lovevery Play Gym. There’s a reason almost 3000 reviewers gave it 4.9 stars. Add it to your baby registry today, or get as a gift for your mom friend! It’s worth every penny.

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