This was one of the MOST fun birthday themes I’ve seen! The parents decided to do a “Little Dino” Dinosaur birthday party theme for their 1 year old son. They chose this theme because he is strong, active, makes cute high pitched noises, and they call him their “baby dinosaur”. We love the cute story behind it! Note: This party was for a 1 year old, but the theme works for any age toddler birthday party.

This party has a very attractive color combo. The colors are not super “cutesy” colors, it is gender neutral, and there are multiple colors and shades that work well together. This makes it easy when you are buying décor to match your printable signs, décor, banners, and favor tags.

Speaking of printables, why are these important? When deciding on a birthday party theme, we always start by finding a printable design that we love first. It really ties the whole theme together, determines the color scheme, and makes it easy to get coordinating décor, food, etc. that go with that theme. If we didn’t have printables in the example below, we would be left with just flowers & balloons basically. It’s just a lot more work for you to have to piece together decorations and there is no clear theme. Pro tip: Look for printables that come in bundles so that you’ll have everything you need in one spot.

Let’s walk you through the party set up so you can use this theme as well!

Welcome Sign

This was set up as soon as they walked in the door.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Welcome Sign

Birthday Banner + Balloon Arch

This was set up on a large wall above the table.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Happy Birthday Banner and Balloons


They created a beautiful grazing board with vegetables, fruit, meats, cheeses, and crackers for guests as soon as they arrived. They even had the cucumbers cut in the shape of dino footprints. Later they brought out dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets & a baked mac n’ cheese casserole. EASY food and a real crowd pleaser!

Charcuterie grazing board with meats, cheese, vegetables, and fruit


Flowers and greenery, Dino footprint printables, and a custom chalkboard for the birthday boy made up the simple yet impressive tablescape design.

Orange flowers on table

Fun Activity + Décor

This was so creative! The “What’s your dinosaur name?” sign had name tags and instead of people putting their real names, they put their personalized dinosaur names. The table also had some orange material, more flowers, and dino printables that matched the signs.

Toddler Birthday Party Dinosaur Name game

Cards & Gifts

What’s the first question guests ask when they walk into a party? “Where should I put the gift?”



Dinosaur Birthday Party Cards & Gifts Sign


The host actually had planned on getting some custom dinosaur cookies made that matched the printable designs, however the bakery had to cancel last minute. No worries! She ran out and got these fun dinosaur cupcakes, and paired them with chocolate chip cookies and brownies as well. Birthday boy had a fun green "smash cupcake."

Green cupcakes

One Highchair Banner

Always cute for pictures! Just pair the letter printables with different color ribbons/fabric that match your theme on a string.

Dinosaur Birthday Party 1st birthday Highchair banner

Favor & Thank You Tags

A cute little touch. The party favors were little slime cups with a dinosaur toy in them. The thank you tags fit perfectly on top, but you could also just use a hole punch and tie to your party favor with a string!

Dinosaur Birthday Party Favor

You can get the full 25+ pages of Dinosaur printables here. Happy planning!

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