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Our gift guide for expecting moms is here!

Pregnant women not only look different, we feel different and we start to care about different things. It is our body and mind's natural way of preparing for motherhood. It can be difficult to buy a gift for an expecting mom that she will actually use or want. We are here to help you!

About our Gift Guide

The gift ideas in this guide are not just your typical gifts for pregnant women (pregnancy pillow, cream for stretch marks, etc). We set out to find unique gift ideas that match this very special stage of life that she is in. You will find gift ideas below that are sentimental, practical, self-care, stylish, good for mind/body/soul, and more!

(The ideas in this gift guide have been carefully curated by several real pregnant women. Enjoy! xo)

Best Gifts for Expecting Mothers

1) Mama Necklace

Even if her baby hasn't been born yet, she has already become a mother. Honor this by getting her a beautiful, minimalist Mama necklace that she will be sure to treasure for years to come as she embraces her identity as "mama."

Mama gold necklace

2) Yoga Gift Set - Yoga Ball, Yoga Book, Water Bottle

Yoga is always good for mind, body, and soul, but this is even more true during pregnancy. Yoga during pregnancy helps improve breathing, strength and stamina for birth. It helps with balance and relieving painful pregnancy symptoms. And finally, it helps with relaxation. This is why a yoga ball, yoga for pregnancy book, and water bottle would be the perfect gift for an expecting mom.

3) Lounge Gift Set

This a great gift whether she is pregnant or not! Cute lounge sets are always in style and can be used for those days she is working from home, running errands, chasing a toddler, hanging out with a baby, and more. This beautiful lounge set is from Pink Blush (which is our FAVE place to buy maternity clothes).

Lounge set

4) Cozy Blanket

This may seem basic, but lots of people have cheap blankets that they got at Target or Marshalls and will throw away in a few months. They typically won't invest in a nice blanket for themselves, which is where you come in! Since an expecting mom is going to be spending lots of time on the couch cuddling with baby, one of the best gifts you can give her is a high quality cozy blanket to curl up with.

5) Massage Gift Card

Pregnancy is uncomfortable for most women. She will always welcome a prenatal massage. Just make sure you get her a gift card for a reputable place with prenatal massage therapists who can tailor the session to her stage of pregnancy. If she is not local to your area, a Spa Finder gift card is a good option! There are several spas in the network so she can choose which one she wants.

6) Pregnancy Meals Book

A woman's body is truly amazing! The nutrients in her body play a role in the healthy growth of the baby.  You may have heard the phrase "eating for 2." While this doesn't necessarily mean she has to eat double the amount, it does mean that she needs to eat enough nutrients for her and the baby. This Pregnancy Meals book is written by an ob gym, endorsed by Jessica Alba, and has many nutritious meal ideas for each step of pregnancy. It also explains how nutrition is playing a role in fetal development along the way.

7) Mocktail Book

This mocktail book shares a ton of fun, delicious mocktail ideas for pregnant women that are also nutritious during pregnancy. It's a win-win! I wish I knew about it when I was pregnant.

Mocktail Book

8) Sonogram Christmas Ornament

Help her remember and cherish this pregnancy always by giving her a sonogram picture Christmas ornament. Simply send in a copy of her ultrasound and this designer will embroider it on an ornament. What a unique, special idea.

9) Bump Friendly Sweater

Sometimes pregnant women just want to feel "normal." Getting her a trendy, bump friendly sweater can help with this. We love this beautiful cardigan sweater from Vici Dolls that will fit during all stages of pregnancy and after the baby is born as well.

Bump friendly cardigan sweater

10) Slip on Sneakers

Let's get one thing straight. It is NOT a myth that super pregnant women can't bend over and tie their own shoes. I literally had to ask my personal trainer to tie my shoes when I got to the gym during the third trimester. Trust us, these adorable white slip-on sneakers are just what she needs.

11) Robe + Sleepy Body Lotion Set

Between the hormones, discomfort and baby kicks, sleeping is HARD for an expecting mom. Help her get in a relaxed state by getting her a lightweight maternity robe and pairing with this sleepy body lotion by 8 Sheep Organics. It is natural (essential oils), completely pregnancy safe, contains magnesium, and comes in 4 amazing scents: lavender, bergamot, vanilla, and eucalyptus.

12) Mommee Coffee & Mug Gift Set

Mommee coffee was designed specifically with pregnant women in mind. It has no chemicals, is low acid to reduce heartburn, and it comes in 1/4 caff and 1/2 caff so she can enjoy a guilt free cup o' joe. We paired this with a beautiful mug from Daily Grace Co. that reminds her to "Praise God from whom all blessings flow."

Coffee for Expecting Mothers

13) Pregnancy Tea Sampler

Is she not a fan of coffee? This is the perfect gift for a pregnant tea lover! We found this pregnancy tea sampler set by Birds and Bees. There is a lot of confusion/conflicting information out there about what herbs are safe for expecting moms. I know personally I was scared to drink any tea, but that shouldn't be the case. They can rest assured that the ingredients in the pregnancy tea sampler are safe for them. Give them the gift of relaxation and a hot cup of tea.

14) Kindle

A Kindle e-reader is one of the best gifts for pregnant women and/or a new mom. First of all, reading helps with relaxation and reducing anxiety. It is a healthy alternative to scrolling a phone in bed at night. When she is sleep deprived but needs to stay awake in the middle of the night for rocking or feeding, her Kindle will be lifesaver. If she is planning for the baby to sleep in her room the first few months, she can still read because she won't need to turn on a light and wake the baby. I've used it for years to help me transition from awake to back to sleep and it works wonders. Plus, who has time to go to a book store? The Kindle allows you to preview books and download the next book at all hours of the day right from your home.

15) Tiny Twist Earrings

We are coming full circle with jewelry! During pregnancy, it is not uncommon for expecting mothers to develop sensitivities to certain metals or earrings. It is worth it to invest in a pair of these super cute, hypoallergenic tiny twist earrings. She will never have to take them off (I sleep in mine) and they give the illusion of a second hole. The best part is, once baby is born and starts grabbing things, he/she won't be able to pull these out. They fit snuggly to the ear and are a stylish alternative to studs for a new mom. Love!

Tiny Twist Earrings

Final Thoughts

We hope this gift guide helps you spoil the expecting mothers in your life! xoxo


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