"I See You"

I don’t say it enough, but I hope you know how much we appreciate all you do for our family. Our lives are crazy busy these days. We are sometimes like ships passing in the night trying to get everything done. This Father's Day, I just wanted to say that I see you. I see all that you do for our family.

It all starts with the pregnancy phase.

I see you when you try to let things go to keep the peace in the house because my hormones are going wild and I’m being irrational.

I see you doing extra around the house when I’m so uncomfortable during pregnancy (and also when I’m recovering from childbirth)

I see you getting involved and really caring about what crib or toys or gear we need, because you want the best for our baby.

pregnant couple holding ultrasound picture

Then comes the newborn phase. Survival mode. The sleepless nights. The crying. 

I see you trying to wake up at night during most of the feeds, if only to just hand him to me and then help burp him afterwards. 

I see you rocking and holding and walking around when he is crying incessantly for seemingly no reason

I see you changing a million diapers

I see you being meticulous in your routine to wash and sterilize the bottles every day

I see you dealing with my ridiculous postpartum hormones and mood swings.

Father holding newborn baby

It’s all a blur, but before we know it, he’s not a newborn anymore. He is growing up right before our eyes.

I see you playing with him and teaching him things, even from the youngest age. He looks at you with such admiration like you are the smartest person in the world.

I see you singing, which represents your selflessness. Even though you hate to sing, I see you singing and whistling to him because you know he loves it.

I see you sacrificing time with your friends. You are far from the care-free bachelor life at this point, but you have embraced our new family lifestyle.

I see you taking care of us and our home – from cleaning toys & taking out diaper trash, to childproofing the whole house and maintaining the yard so we can play outside.

I see you getting to know him – his likes and dislikes, routines, patterns and even the kind of diapers he uses. You are not just “babysitting” our children. You are creating your own relationship with them.

 father and son on beach

As I watch you grow in your fatherhood journey every day, one thing is clear: You were made to be his father. There is no one better than you who will teach him, love him, encourage him, and be there for him. While I can teach him many things as his mom, you will be his role model.

So, my dear husband, even when we argue and tensions are high because this phase in life is HARD, just know that I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the dad you already are and the dad I know you will be. I see you…and I know someday very soon, he will see you too.


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