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There comes a time in every mom’s life when they consider swapping out their cocktail bar for a coffee bar...or maybe you have enough space in your house to have both! Regardless, when I became a mom I learned that I had a lot more use for coffee on a daily basis. My Nespresso machine became my life line…and that freshly brewed, frothy cup of coffee was an indulgence. So if you are looking for ideas for small space in your house, this is your sign that a coffee bar is the way to go!

In order to start experimenting with different flavors and types of coffee, you need to first determine a space for a coffee bar. That’s why we created this post to gather the best coffee bar ideas for small spaces. We’ll start by looking at some beautiful ideas for inspo, and then we’ll share our top recommendations for creating your very own coffee bar! (hint: it’s easier than you think)

Beautiful Coffee Bar Ideas for Small Spaces

When redesigning a space in your house, it is helpful to visualize the space and have some fresh ideas in your mind. You can do this by creating a mood board. While you’re looking through the coffee bars below, take some mental notes about what you love, what you don’t love, and how they arranged everything. We want your coffee bar to be a happy place for you.

  1. Vintage Corner

 Inspo: Making Home Matter

What We Love:

Neutral colors
Vintage decor
Natural wood and materials
Plus, notice how it all fits in a small corner of the kitchen!

2. Terrace House

Inspo: Posh Pennies

What We Love:

Industrial feel
Peg board to hang coffee accessories
Message Board for menu or quippy phrases

3. Modern Farmhouse


What We Love:

Classic black & white colors
Simple sign
Cute mug

4. Classic Countertop

Inspo: By Lauren M

What We Love:

Clean, white look
Riser for extra space
Great cabinet storage space

5. Green Hutch

What We Love:

Vintage vibe
Dark green color paired with the basket material
Copper accessories
Rattan cabinets

Plus, notice that it is a separate hutch (not on a countertop)

6. Organizer's Dream

Inspo: Heather Bullard

What We Love:

Highly organized (obviously!)
The coffee bar itself is not cluttered
Tea options for the non-coffee drinkers
Square linen napkins for hot mugs

7. French Cafe

What We Love:

Modern, French cafe vibes
Syrup containers with gold tops
Coffee book
Gorgeous pink roses and greenery

8. Sweet Syrups

Inspo: Pinterest

What We Love:

Syrup bottles and labels
Riser for extra space

9. Boho Beauty

Inspo: Pinterest

What We Love:

Rustic wooden riser
Boho twigs
Gold spoons
Glass mugs
Nespresso machine + Frother

Create Your Own Coffee Bar

Now that you feel sufficiently inspired…it’s time to make your own DIY coffee bar! We hope the coffee bar ideas for small spaces above got your creative juices flowing. Here are a few of our favorite coffee bar products to help you get started:

Nespresso Machine + Frother

Nespresso Machine and Frother

Glass Mugs

Mug Holder under cabinet OR Mug Tree

Syrup bottles

Wooden stand

Coffee sign

Gold spoons

Coffee book

Square Linen Napkins



Final Thoughts

Well that was fun! Hopefully we've shown you that there are several amazing coffee bar ideas for small spaces so go ahead and start looking for a space in your house today. As a mom, the only thing I don't recommend is a coffee bar cart or anything that is low to the ground. Your baby may not be very mobile right away, but they will be a curious, climbing, active toddler before you know it!

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