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Baby Showers are an important milestone in any new mother’s life. It’s such an honor to be a part of planning this special day! In our blog post “How to Plan an EPIC Baby Shower,” we talk about how important it is to plan a special and meaningful celebration for the mom-to-be. Something that truly reflects her and her family. Does she love to travel? Does she have inspirational quotes she lives by? Is she classy, elegant, feminine? Does France hold a special place in her heart? These are just some of the questions that could be an indication that a “Bonjour Bebe” baby shower is the perfect theme for your mom-to-be!

Bring the French café to her (and her closest family and friends) with this one-of-a-kind French baby shower theme.


Whenever we are planning a baby shower, we start with the printables. These help to determine the style and colors, and then you can layer additional elements to complete your look. For this French baby shower theme, we used a distressed antique white color paired with French blue, gold and black. We paired this with lots of eucalyptus and blue & white hydrangeas, antique gold, black iron, and rustic wooden décor. One of the main decorations is the French blue “bebe” banner that hung above an antique white dresser.


Even the food was beautiful at this French-themed baby shower! We loved the signs for Boulangerie (Bakery), Fromagerie (Cheese), Patisserie (Pastry) and Crepe Bar. And there were even cute little black and white food labels for all of the different foods. Our main features were croissants, pan au chocolat, baguettes, brie, munster, macarons and crepes (with fruit garnishes).

Bonus: Here are some other French Baby Shower food recommendations...

French Baby Shower Food Ideas


No shower is complete without a “Momosa” Bar. We also had a beautiful “Café Au Latte” Coffee bar.

Cards + Gifts Table

Do you want to answer the question “Where do we put the gifts?” over and over again? This is usually an afterthought, but we highly recommend creating a designated space for Cards + Gifts and incorporating it in your décor. We added a beautiful antique white bird cage for guests to stick their cards in instead of just piling them up on the table.


The baby shower favors were a bunch of French lavender, symbolizing love at first sight, protection, happiness and peace. There was a “Merci” thank you sign asking guests to take their favor and we wrapped “Merci” favor tags on the bunches of lavender with twine. You don’t want to be stuck with a bunch of favors at the end because it wasn’t clear that they should take them home!


Who else hates cheesy baby shower games? On the flip side, if you don’t have any activities a baby shower can seem a little monotonous. These are the ultimate EASY + NOT CHEESY baby shower activities to keep your guests engaged and leave the mom-to-be with some fun memories.

  • How big is mommy’s belly?
  • Baby Predictions & Advice
  • Baby Mad Libs
  • Late Night Diapers
  • Can you guess how many?


Want to host your own French Baby Shower? You can download the printables here.


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