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In 2022, typical baby gifts look like this: You order online from their baby registry and the gift shows up at their door in a brown shipping box with a typed note. While these are great and still very appreciated, sometimes you want to get a more personalized baby gift for a special family member or friend! These baby gift baskets turn standard baby registry items into something that is inspired, creative, and sparks joy. And bonus - gift baskets don't have to be just for the baby! Make a gift basket for the new mom too.

Guidelines for Creating a Baby Gift Basket:

  • We are not getting the big things; these are things that fit in a basket. The big things are extremely important, but so are all the little details that fill in the gaps!
  • We like to get them what they want from their baby registry, with a touch of personalization, and package it up in a beautiful way. (Example: If we reference a night light below, find the one they picked out on their registry. We don’t want to go totally rogue.)
  • If you are an experienced mom, sometimes it is fun to add some things not on their baby registry that you had great success with!
  • You can make the baby gift basket as big or as little as you’d like based on your budget. These are just ideas that go with each theme.

Basic Supplies:

  1. Beautiful Basket (Used for the baby gift basket, but also doubles as a cute nursery storage basket)
  2. Silk Ribbon
  3. Gift tags (Download now for FREE below)


Baby Shower Gift Baskets for Baby

Baby Sleep

Sleep like a Baby

“You’re my favorite reason to lose sleep”

Gift basket ideas:

  • Mattress/Bassinet Sheets
  • Mattress protector
  • Night Light
  • Swaddles
  • Sleep Sacks
  • Sound Machine

Our Pick: Kyte Baby Sleep Sack

Why? Soft bamboo material, comforts baby skin irritations, high quality. Whether it's a baby boy or baby girl, they have adorable color options.

Baby Clothes

Baby Chic
"Life is a party. Dress like it"
Gift Basket ideas:
  • Hangers
  • Outfits
  • Hats or bows (for baby girl)
  • Shoes/Socks
    Baby Gift Basket Baby Clothes

Our Pick: Have fun with this one! We just recommend buying sizes 3-6 months+ so they don't grow out of it too quickly.

    Baby Books and Learning

    Learn, Baby, Learn
    “Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning”
    Gift Basket ideas:

    Our Pick(s): 

    Montessori Baby Toy Bundle

    Spinning Rainbow Drum

    High Contrast Tummy Time Baby Toy

    Baby Einstein Musical Baby Toy

    Why? The best baby toys can be chewed on, spin, have high contrast colors, encourage tummy time, and play music. We've got you covered with these!

    Baby Bath

    So Fresh + So Clean
    “May you never outgrow bubbles”
    Gift Basket Ideas:
    • Wash + lotion
    • Bath toy
    • Towels
    • Washcloths
    • Water cup

    Our Pick(s):

    Kyte Baby Washcloth Bundle Neutral

    Kyte Baby Brush Set

    Why? High quality, natural materials, and a strong brand. It's no secret that moms are big fans of the Kyte Baby brand. 

    Baby Memories

    Little Moments
    “The days are long, but the years are short”
    Gift Basket ideas:
    • Milestone Cards
    • Baby First Year Memory Book
    • Subscription to Chatbooks
    • Newborn photo shoot gift card 
      Baby Gift Basket for baby memories

    Our Pick: Lucy Darling Baby's First Year Memory Book

    Why? Cute design, good writing prompts

      Baby Transportation

      On the Go
      “I think I’m quite ready for another adventure”
      Gift Basket Ideas:
      • Stroller toy
      • Bottle heater
      • Baby Carrier/wrap
      • Backseat mirror
      • Portable crib sheets
      • Pacifier clips

      Our Pick: Ergo Baby Carrier

      Why? Sturdy, gender neutral, grows with baby, good for baby hips

          Baby Diapering

          What’s that Smell?
          “Only a few thousand more times until I’m potty trained”
          Gift Basket ideas:
          • Diapers
          • Wipes
          • Diaper creams (See our post "Mom Hack: Diaper Rash Kit")
          • Pad cover/liners
          • Diaper garbage bags (if they need for their can)

          Our Pick: Parker Baby Diaper Caddy (tip: swap out the gift basket and package everything up in this cute diaper caddy!)

          Why? Cute and oh-so-useful. Moms find themselves changing diapers all over the house. It's helpful to have this in the main living space with everything you need instead of having to go to their changing table 15x per day.

          Baby Feeding

          "Feed me and tell me you love me"
          Gift Basket ideas:
          • Bottles
          • Bottle brushes
          • Baby bottle soap
          • Drying rack
          • Bibs/burp clothes
          • Milk Storage bags

          Our Pick(s):

          Boon Drying Rack

          Dapple Baby Bottle Soap

          Why? Washing bottles, breast pump parts and more will become a major part of a new mom's life. This white drying rack is discrete in your kitchen and helps the bottles dry quickly. The baby bottle soap is plant-based, hypoallergenic, free of harsh chemicals, and proven to remove milk residue!

          Baby Shower Gift Baskets for Mom

          New Mom Gift

          You Deserve This, Mama
          “Being a mom is the best reason you have to take care of yourself.”
          Gift Basket ideas:
          • Gift card for sushi
          • Bottle of Champagne
          • Book
          • Coffee beans + mug
          • Bubble bath
            Gift for new mom

          Our Pick: Midnight Mom Devotional

          Why? This encouraging book of prayers connects you with a community of moms to strengthen your heart and give you support when you need it most.

          Mom Postpartum Care

          A Time for Healing
          “Mothers need just as much as attention as a newborn, for they too have just been born.”
          Gift Basket Ideas:
          • Devotional or book
          • Witch hazel
          • Ice pads
          • Big Pads
          • Underwear
          • Numbing spray
          • Sitz bath salt
          • Peribottle
          Gift for Postpartum mom

          Our Pick: Frida Mom Peribottle

          Why? Ditch the hospital ones, this will become a postpartum mom's best friend.


          Breastfeeding Station
          “I make milk. What’s your superpower?”
          Gift Basket ideas:
          • Breast pads
          • Nipple Cream
          • Hair Ties
          • Chapstick
          • Water/Snacks
          • Bibs/burp clothes
          • Motherhood Book
            Baby Gift Basket Breastfeeding

           Our Pick: Earth Mama Organics Breastfeeding Bundle

          Why? Recommended by birth and lactation consultants, this plant-based nipple cream is the gift a new mom doesn't know she'll need. She'll thank you later!

          There you go! Take those standard baby registry items to the next level by bringing one of these gift baskets to your next baby shower.


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