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Baby showers are an important milestone for moms to be. They are a time for bringing together close family and friends that will love, guide, and support you as you bring new life into the world. This momentous occasion deserves a special dress that will make you feel radiant and confident.

Well that’s a no brainer, right? There’s just one little problem. Good maternity dresses are HARD to find. Many stores won’t carry them locally which can lead to hours of shopping and limited options. In this guide, you will find tips for picking out the perfect baby shower dress and a round-up of our favorites! No what your personal style is, we've got some options for you.

How to Shop for a Baby Shower Dress

While on the hunt for baby shower dresses, here are a few lessons I learned through trial and error (and several returns):

You will probably want a true maternity dress.

Typically, baby showers are towards the end of your pregnancy which means your belly has “popped”. Things fit differently now than in the early trimesters when you could get away with regular or even “bump friendly” dresses. 

Make sure you are comfortable.

Remember the days when you would gladly sacrifice comfort for beauty & style? This is NOT the case when you are in the late stages of pregnancy. Plus, you will naturally look better if you feel better. You can find gorgeous maternity dresses for baby showers that will also be comfortable.

Look for a dress that is fitted around the bump. 

Baby Showers are often heavily photographed. Dresses that are too wide and flowy may not be flattering and could make you look like you’re wearing a big paper bag. Not to mention, everyone is there to celebrate your cute baby bump…this is the time to flaunt it!

Stay away from stripes or big patterns.

We want the focus to be on you and your beautiful bump. These bold designs can be distracting (and sometimes unflattering).

Be careful with shiny materials that show water/sweat stains.

This is especially important if it's an outdoor baby shower in warmer weather.

Consider your bra situation.

One thing that has grown along with your belly are your breasts. You have probably had to get new bras and dress differently to accommodate your new body type. Just make sure that you have the right type and size bra to go with whatever dress you pick. Preferably something supportive with not too much push up (again we don’t want to steal focus from the bump!)

Gorgeous Baby Shower Dresses

Maternity Boho Maxi Dress

Boho Blue Baby Shower Dress

    • Description: Amazon find! This maxi dress is adorable, inexpensive and comes in many different color/design options.
    • Brand: Coolmee (Amazon)
    • Pricing: $
    • Reviews: Mixed, but mostly positive. Wore this dress for my baby shower! Got so many compliments and super comfy.”

Erica Midi Dress

Neutral Baby Shower Dress

    • Description: This midi dress can be dressed up or down and it would still be gorgeous! With a neutral pattern and flattering fit, it’s a classy choice for a baby shower dress.
    • Brand: Ingrid + Isabel
    • Pricing: $$$
    • Reviews: It seems to be a newer dress so there are not many reviews yet, but it has 5 stars so far.

Lace Overlay Maxi Dress

Lace Overlay Baby Shower Dress

    • Description: This maxi dress is popular for a reason. It comes in many gorgeous colors and is comfortable and flattering. It works for a variety of occasions.
    • Brand: Pink Blush
    • Pricing: $$$
    • Reviews: Mostly 5 stars. Many called it the “perfect baby shower dress.”

Tie Strap Maternity Midi Dress

Tie Strap Baby Shower Dress

      • Description: This midi dress is my personal favorite. The ties make it good for nursing mothers and it can even be worn when you aren’t pregnant. It’s flowy, beautiful, flattering and comes in few different colors.
      • Brand: Pink Blush
      • Pricing: $$$
      • Reviews: Overwhelming positive. “LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.”

    Dotted Chiffon Dress

    Chiffon Blue Baby Shower Dress

        • Description: We love the cool dotted texture of this dress. It is one of the few on our list that is short in length and has long sleeves. The fitted top part makes this dress very flattering.
        • Brand: Pink Blush
        • Pricing: $$$
        • Reviews: Mostly positive reviews, however some mentioned the sleeves were puffier than they thought.

      Floral Midi Dress

      Floral Green Baby Shower Dress

          • Description: This flattering neckline really does it for us. It is fitted in all the right places and has a pretty, subtle floral pattern. 
          • Brand: Pink Blush
          • Pricing: $$
          • Reviews: Everyone was so impressed with this dress. “Beautiful and most importantly SO COMFORTABLE! This has quickly become my favorite maternity dress”

        Bow Strap Tiered Midi Dress

        Tie Strap Ruffle Baby Shower Dress

            • Description: This mauve color is everything. Another super cute dress with tie straps which makes it useful for nursing. 
            • Brand: Pink Blush
            • Pricing: $$
            • Reviews: Nearly perfect! Everyone loves this dress.

          Off Shoulder Fitted Dress

          Fitted Baby Shower Dress

              • Description: Stretchy fabric! Fitted, flattering and comfortable. This off the shoulder dress comes in many different colors.
              • Brand: Pink Blush
              • Pricing: $$
              • Reviews: 5 stars all around!

            Floral Ruffle Dress

            Yellow Baby Shower Dress

                • Description: This is a flowy and light dress in a gorgeous yellow color. We love the floral design, v neckline, and the cinched waist is flattering.
                • Brand: Shein
                • Pricing: $
                • Reviews: MANY positive reviews. Seems like it fits well and could even be used after pregnancy as well This is such a cute maternity dress! I got it for my baby shower and I got so many compliments on it!”

              Ruffle Side Wrap Dress

              Wrap Baby Shower Dress

                  • Description: Pretty color and floral print! This dress is another very affordable option.
                  • Brand: Shein
                  • Pricing: $
                  • Reviews: Fairly positive. It was deemed “the cutest dress ever,” but some also said it ran a little large in size.

                Smocked Ruffle Sleeve Maxi Dress

                White Maternity Dress

                    • Description: We had to include this stunning white dress in the list. This maxi dress features a smocked bodice and ruffle sleeves. 
                    • Brand: Pea in a Pod
                    • Pricing: $$$$
                    • Reviews: There are not many reviews yet, but it has 5 stars so far.

                  Where to Buy Baby Shower Dresses

                  When I originally set out to write this post, I was aiming to share many baby shower dresses from different brands. In reality, after spending countless hours scouring the internet and stores, I truly only found a few -- and most of them are from the same brand. I was trying not to play favorites, however through my research it became clear that Pinkblush Maternity is a clear front runner. They offer the best maternity dresses at a decent price point. Because they specialize in these types of dresses, they are truly flattering in all the right places. 

                  Sidenote: Shein is another stylish, super affordable option, and they have a HUGE selection. There were mixed reviews on fit and quality though (you get what you pay for).

                  Final Thoughts

                  You are growing a human and you deserve to feel beautiful at your baby shower! Although it can be tough, we hope these tips and the list of our favorite baby shower dresses helps you find the perfect dress for you. Congrats mama!     xoxo


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